A massive THANK YOU for writing to your MP as previously requested. If you missed that, you can find out how to do it by clicking HERE.


Newcastle Consortium of Supporters (@NCSL1892 on Twitter) are leading this campaign and have been blown away by the number of fans who have taken the time & effort to contact their MPs. The pressure is working and it has been noticed… But we need to keep pushing to make the impact we all want. 



If you haven’t, please contact them again and ask why. Use THIS LINK to get your MPs details if you don’t already have them.
If you did get a response from your MP, please reply to them via the email they sent to you. NSCL have provided two template letters below for you to copy/paste in your reply.  Just click on the relevant reply and you’ll see a ‘copy’ button at the top right. Obviously you are free to write your own reply if you wish to do so.

Thank you again for continuing to stand up for our club. Please get this out to as many Newcastle United fans as possible. Use the hashtags #OneAgenda and #PLtransparency in your NUFC tweets.




Newcastle United FC and the English Premier League

Dear MP, Many thanks for responding to me and agreeing to investigate my concerns into the takeover of Newcastle United. Your willingness to help is very much appreciated. When you last made contact you suggested that you would make enquiries. I would like to draw one more matter to your most urgent attention as it gives me great concern. Recently many MP’s suggested that government would not be able to get involved with this private matter between NUFC and the EPL. However, through the Freedom of Information process documents have been released into the public domain that undermines this statement. The government are evidently involved on multiple occasions and have even questioned whether the public have been informed about matters. They also made a reference to it being better if a public statement was not given. As a constituent, you can well imagine how I feel right now. I am confused and concerned. Why should government ever make a representation that the public does not need to know about something that considerably affects their lives, their spending habits and their own regions investment and future? Why should they be kept in the dark about this? I firmly believe the talking and obfuscating of the Newcastle United takeover must stop today! Clearly the EPL met government and evidently there were discussions that have been redacted. This further antagonises the public as it was the EPL’s own CEO, Richard Masters who agreed with governments DCMS committee that “Football is nothing without fans.” I am sure you agree that statement is sounding more and more hypocritical and distasteful upon reading the reality of governments private meetings about our club and our city. The whole saga is a complete mess! There are clearly shenanigans going on which have been released to the Newcastle public via the Evening Chronicle and yet again as one of your own constituents I am politely saying, this behaviour appears to be disingenuous and deliberate to further deprive people like myself of learning the truth behind this most discriminatory sham! I’m asking you today in a polite but direct manner, what are you going to do now about this unsatisfactory situation that will convince me (and the people who hold similar beliefs) that you share our concerns. I’m offering you an opportunity to make public exactly what unsavoury behaviour is being played out between the EPL and the truth of discussions with government. Finally, as my government representative who has offered your support, can I ask what are you intend to do in order to make sure this deliberate avoidance of facts is expedited in the public domain so we can learn once and for all the true agenda of the EPL and its ‘big picture’ project? The club’s fans have firm evidence in writing where TV rights holders collectively lobbied the EPL and its members to decline this takeover. That is an illegal act in any competitive market. A public debate will, we are sure, show that the group called the ‘Big Six’ clubs in the EPL collectively lobbied for its derailment much to the detriment of fair competition and investment in our region and its football team. As you are my MP, I'd like to ask what you intend to do to make this an urgent matter of considerable urgent public interest? Kind Regards

[Full Name of Constituent]


Newcastle United FC and the English Premier League

Dear MP, Recently you sent me a letter suggesting that government could not get involved in a matter between Newcastle United Football Club (NUFC) and the English Premier League (EPL). Today I write to you with huge disappointment and dissatisfaction on making that representation as it is simply not true. You may not have been aware of this when making your statement. Under the Freedom of Information Act, the local newspaper in the region, The Evening Chronicle has obtained evidence that government had multiple meetings with the EPL about this very subject, the takeover of NUFC. In those discussions, they made representations as to whether the public had been informed and went so far as to recommend that the EPL would be wise not to make a statement. I’m sure you can appreciate my annoyance in the way your letter to me has been completely undermined. In short, it’s not an accurate reflection of matters that have evidently taken place. I believe you, the government, and the EPL are determined to hide the truth behind this failed takeover. I can assure you, that I will lobby for the opposite result. You are my MP and in writing to you, I afford you the opportunity to address this further obfuscating and camouflage of the truth. If you continue to support this behaviour and treatment of your constituents, then I will learn more about the representation I have voted to support me. Equally, today gives you sufficient information that allows you to respond and get this disappointing and poor behaviour into the public domain. Much of my personal life includes consumer choices and investment into my social enjoyment and I am greatly concerned over the investment into the Newcastle region and its football club. Fans groups and our football club have firm evidence of letters where the EPL were collectively lobbied to oppose this takeover. That is an illegal act and as an MP you should be motivated to investigate and stop this from happening in a multi-billion-pound UK marketplace. I now invite you with some urgency to contact me, as one of your own personal constituents and tell me what you are going to do about this in order to expedite this case as being of genuine public interest and to stop this distasteful behaviour which has evidenced government involvement. I look forward to your urgent written reply to this matter. Kind Regards